BA - Automatisierte Simulation von EIT Messungen in COMSOL mit variablen Parametern

Automatisierte Simulation von EIT Messungen in COMSOL mit variablen Parametern


Automated simulation of EIT measurements in COMSOL with variable parameters


General Setting

Electrical Impedance Tomography is an imaging technique based where one induces a current into a medium and measures voltages through electrodes to reconstruct the impedance distribution in the medium in order to reconstruct the underlying material properties. At iMEK we are researching on how to advance this technology to come up with accurate results in real time. In order to develop a sophisticated system we require simulations of measurement data to evaluate our designs and speed up the design process. The student fulfilling this work will play a crucial role on the journey to an automated test suite EIT measurements and reconstructions.

Task Description / Aufgabenstellung

In this work the student is responsible to automate creation and simulation of a 3D EIT model. They is required to process the data received using Python. The process of this work can be structured into several steps:

  1. Process model information received from a Python script, that should return an API Call for the COMSOL API. It has to process the following information:

    1. Shape of the EIT cell.

    2. Placement of the Electrodes on the cell.

    3. Excitation Pattern of induced current through the electrodes.

    4. Placement of objects inside the EIT cell.

  2. Automatic creation of the model through the API call

    1. The call should trigger an automatic build of the model in COMSOL

    2. The model should be stored, so that it can be accessed afterwards and the same model does not have to be built again.

  3. Simulation of the model

    1. In order to benefit from this work in the best possible manner it is very important that the obtained measurement information from the simulation are easy to access so that further data processing is simple to test.


General Information:

In the institute we are currently building a taylored suite for EIT simulations of multiphase flow. In order to create a sustainable output the student is required to document their code thoroughly so that a refactoring of the output is feasible. It is worth mentioning, that the COMSOL API is not adjusted to Python as of now. Part of the project will be to close this gap.


Jette Alvar Schlack

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Allgemeine Ingenieurswissenschaften

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Moritz Hollenberg

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